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“The Farmer” Metal Art by Rick Anicker – Fishing Fly Art

"The Farmer" Metal Art by Rick Anicker

"The Farmer" metal art by Rick Anicker, priced at $3,900.00 USD.

For more information on Rick Anicker's art or to purchase call Paula Kersch at (541)326-6422 or send an email to rickanicker@artstorm.com.

Artist Comments: Tractor handle, old block head, forest service axe, chain saw links make up a fraction of this intricate fly. The old cylinder block base was found on a drift boat trip down our river on the Siletz. I only saw just a portion of the round ports that make up the block. The river was pretty shallow and swift at that point but I knew I wanted that piece of metal. I rowed my tail off to get back up to it, and needless to say got pretty wet trying to dig it out of the cobblestone. I didn't get a steel head that day, but what a rewarding trip for me to find that old cylinder block.

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