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Getting Ready for ArtExpo 2014 Video

Here's an semi-interesting video for getting ready for ArtExpo NY 2014...

Creative Ways to Bring in Customers with Interactive Experiences

We came across this marketing tips article recently and not only found it fascinating but also thought it to be especially pertinent to art and artists.

"Experiential marketing is a method of advertising through an interactive experience that gets customers to talk about your business or product. It can be an extremely powerful tool for those companies that want to leave a strong and lasting impression on customers."

Here's a video example, if perhaps a bit over the top...

But now imagine the ways that one could apply Experiential Marketing to art! Art, after all, is all about expressing oneself to the rest of humanity. What artist could resist the opportunity to leave an artistic message for those that come after...what person could resist creating something with that lump of clay?

Art, after all, is visceral. Art IS Experiential Marketing.

...but the name is a bit off...how about "Hands On Marketing?"


Video Marketing – DIY Marketing

Oneload - Video Distribution Simplified

Oneload - Video Distribution Simplified

Today's Do-It-Yourself marketing blog features an original blog post by Chris C. Ducker. In it Chris tackles the problem of providing video marketing to promote your business. This is an issue we at Art Storm have been dealing with: we are not videographers and we have little experience in this field beyond watching lots of funny animal videos on YouTube.

In this article, Chris's goal is to help you get started with online video marketing, by sharing with you strategies for producing and promoting videos. Chris will discuss brainstorming ideas for content, all important video SEO and how you can free up your time while growing your business with the help of a virtual assistant focusing on helping you with your online video focus.


Ode To Joy Video

Salvador Dali Art Video

This YouTube video shows a wide range of Salvador Dali's art. Love him, hate him, you cannot ignore his art. If you are unfamiliar with Salvador Dali's paintings, this is a good way to get introduced. In 9 minutes you won't become an expert but you will come to see how interesting his paintings and art were.

Most of Salvador Dali's art, or at least his most well known work, is considered to be in the surrealist style. Dali lived from 1904 to 1989 and was born in the Catalonia region of Spain.


4 Minute Sculpting Video Shows How to Make a Clay Sculpture

This is a fantastic video that in 4 minutes shows you the creative process for making a water-based clay sculpture from start to finish...enjoy! Video by Philippe Faraut, see more at http://www.philippefaraut.com/


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