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Art Storm, LLC Supports the Siskiyou Violins

The Siskiyou Violins are a collection of the most talented young violinists from Southern Oregon and Northern California. Last night I went to their concert at the Craterian Theater in Medford, Oregon and was amazed at the skill and composure of these talented young musicians.

I am not the only one who has high praise for these gifted musicians, Festival Artistic Director, Dr. Lawrence Sutherland, Music Professor Emeritus at a California State University campus wrote this about the Siskiyou Violins after they performed at Carnegie Hall: "Carnegie Hall has not heard much like this. The nuance, musicianship, and feeling in the ensemble is really, really amazing! This is exactly the kind of music making that is not done by people of your age....You have a great leader."

"It's absolute MAGIC! The attention to detail - the nuance, the bow control, pitch, dynamics. It all comes together to provide a thrilling, musical experience. All the musicians are totally involved in the music making - and with tremendous JOY. My admiration knows no bounds for this group and their director."

(Adjuticator 2, Dr. Lawrence Sutherland Music Professor Emeritus at a California State University campus, Score 99)

The group became an independent 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit organization in 2009 and depends on our support to bring great music to the world and to make it possible for talented young local violinists to follow their dreams. Despite just starting up 4 months ago and not yet being profitable, Art Storm, LLC has donated $100 to the Siskiyou Violins to support the arts in our community. Next year our goal will be at least $1,000 and we hope to provide support for many other local art projects, including support for the arts in our public schools.

Here is a link to the Siskiyou Violins homepage as well as some videos that show off their amazing talents...

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