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Market and Art Collaborations

From the 4 P's of Marketing-The use of art in businesses (promotion)

The discussion of this article pertains to the role that of artworks and artist are working with advertising and product line marketing to please customers.


Art and marketing come together in the form of advertisement and product design. The collaboration between art and marketing is accepted more now a day than earlier years. Promotion through art in the realm of traditional business, artists run the risk of being “tacky or cheesy” if businesses inappropriately use that art.


Places such as restaurants are being designed to look like art galleries from portrait hanging, furniture placement/ decoration . While products like Lincoln branded vehicles are using the arts to advertise campaigns that say “Hello again”. Art in hotels are being used for pleasure reading through displayed zines, magazines, and books.


In my opinion the collaboration of the marketing and art world is beneficial to both the business and artist by recognition of artist’s and their artwork on or in the product that’s marketed. In some cases art can be used inappropriately and become a commodity which is both tacky for consumers, artist, and business.


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