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“Out of Chaos” Metal Art by Rick Anicker

I love this piece of art!

"Out of Chaos" Metal Art by Rick Anicker

"Out of Chaos" metal art by Rick Anicker is priced at $2,633.33 USD. See all of Rick Anicker's metal art...

Artist Notes: This piece was inspired by an up and coming art show under pressure to show something kinda traditional and modern at the same time.... and give the feeling of time travel....and it worked cause everyone had a movie they related it too about the future and all that stuff...plus I really had a good time watching it come out of nowhere....which is why I called it "Out of Chaos" cause that's what is was right off my floor.

For more information on Rick Anicker's art or to purchase, call Paula Kersch at (541)326-6422 or send an email to rickanicker@artstorm.com.


Rick Anicker – Metal Art Thumbnails

All of Rick Anicker's metal art pieces are now available for viewing at http://www.artstorm.com/artist-profile-rick-anicker-thumbnails/

Rick's artist profile is at http://www.artstorm.com/rickanicker/

Artist Profile – Rick Anicker, Metal Sculptor

Rick Anicker with Metal Sculture.

Rick Anicker with Metal Sculture.

We've added an artist profile for Rick Anicker, a metal sculptor from Newport, Oregon known for his expressive Beach Art, "Primitive Feelings" art and some amazing gates that are sometimes functional but always eye catching.

We'll be adding a lot more of Rick's art work in the coming days and weeks and you can see it all at http://www.artstorm.com/rickanicker/.

Rick Anicker – Metal Sculptor – The Sunflower Chair

Rick Anicker is a talented metal sculptor who creates works of art you just can't ignore. Featured here is his Sunflower Chair that would make a fantastic addition to most any room or space. Detail photos are included so you can see the close-up details of Rick's handiwork.

If you're interested in this metal sculpture, would like to see more of Rick's work, or are interested in commissioning a custom piece of work, give Paula Kersch a call at (541)326-6422.

The Sunflower Chair - Metal Sculpture Art by Rick Anicker - DragThe Sunflower Chair - Metal Sculpture Art by Rick Anicker - SunfThe Sunflower Chair - Metal Sculpture Art by Rick Anicker

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