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8 New Black & White Photographs Added to Jacqueline Neuwirth’s Artist Profile

Man's torso photograph by Jacqueline Neuwirth.

Man's torso photograph by Jacqueline Neuwirth.

This morning we added 8 new black & white photos to Jacqueline Neuwirth's gallery and artist profile. This brings the total number of art pieces on display in Jacqueline's gallery to 32...with more to come.

Art Storm Homepage Update

I have updated a few things on the homepage, including the photo. I would love to update that photo with a featured image every week or so...maybe more often. Contact Fred at artstormllc@gmail.com with the image you would like featured. I will link it directly to your website so provide a link.

The image should be a high quality photograph or a high quality photo of your art.

I am also looking for feature stories for the blog so feel free to submit information about you, your business or a talented artist you know. It's a great way to promote yourself or your business.

- Fred

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