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Pricing Art Work as a New Artist

Should you lower prices if you aren’t selling?

For first-time exhibitors, pricing artwork is often a last-minute, difficult decision. It’s daunting to assign value to your own work. Do not make common mistakes and go straight to an hourly wage pricing, by taking your art and charging a price based on hours and materials. The reason this does not work is because an artist is not a factory! Taking time, materials and overhead costs to create price is the fast and loose pricing model but is not perceived well by an audience of buyers.

Cost of materials is always important, when trying to make a profit or breaking even as a new artist. The real consideration should be on the perceived value a piece creates for its audience. You can visit a gallery with artists similar to your style and get a rough idea of what pricing looks like in the area you are selling work. The other aspect is asking potential buyers and art admires how they feel about the price of the pieces currently being displayed. This allows a new artist to gain insight into the market they are selling in but also helps to highlight how artists should market themselves to create more value ! 

Perceived value is the additional value that the client attributes to your work regardless of its intrinsic value perceived by the creator. Perceived value is subjective and heavily influenced by the artist’s image, word of mouth and portfolio. If given a choice between two similar paintings, clients are frequently willing to pay more for the one with greater perceived value. If you are selling copies of originals online or in galleries a buyer is going to perceive the value and price as lower, hence lower prices are needed. If a piece was particularly difficult to work on, or you are particularly attached to it, there’s a tendency to want to price it higher. Raising prices by 10 to 20 percent is a good starting point for pieces that you are willing to hold in your inventory for a longer time.

Some artists price artwork based on size because of the perceived value, either by the square inch or the perimeter because the idea makes sense to buyers looking at other art in similar markets. Pricing based on the perceived value starts with the artist and their story. To buyers, the artist and the story behind the art certainly drives the motive for buying. Make sense of your story as an artist before pricing and selling art work. Improve your sales with a healthy dose of self-promotion. Telling your story, and your artwork’s story, increases its value, becoming a contributor to a blog like Art Storm can help share your story. Customers will pay extra for the familiarity and confidence that the artists brand has, so do not lower prices just yet!

Featured Artist: Painter, Veronica Thomas

Our featured art is by painter, Veronica Thomas, showing a beautiful and colorful sunset at the coast. To purchase or to see more fine art by Veronica Thomas, visit her website at http://veronicathomasart.wix.com/art-1

Veronica Thomas Fine Art Painting.

Veronica Thomas Fine Art Painting.

Welcome to Art Storm, Elaine Frenett!

Welcome Elaine Frenett, we're proud to have another fine, local artist associated with us.

"Originally from Colorado, where light and color travel the entire spectrum, Elaine grew up a simple tomboy. Maturing with avid nature exposure and expansive travel, she eventually found herself, back to the simple dream . . . of becoming an artist. After moving to California, Ms. Frenett committed to a five-year program at San Jose State University, where she received her BS in Graphic Design, focus in Illustration in 1991. As a freelance artist, her work has been published from New York to Los Angeles..."

You can click on over to Elaine's own website at http://elainefrenett.com/ or take a look at her artist profile and some of her art here on the Art Storm at http://www.artstorm.com/elaine-frenett/

Elaine Frenett Artist Profile

Elaine Frenett Artist Profile

Yelena Joy is Going to ArtExpo NY!

Yelena Joy is Going to ArtExpo NY!

Yelena Joy is Going to ArtExpo NY!

Dana Feagin is Going to Art Expo NY

Artist Dana Feagin ArtExpo Promotional

Artist Dana Feagin ArtExpo Promotional

New Art Storm Artist: Veronica Thomas

We would like to welcome Veronica Thomas to the Art Storm. Veronica is a fine art painter who enjoys exploring numerous varieties of subject matter, doing figurative work, still lives, as well as the challenging “plein-air” painting.

Her art is best described as “passionate realism”, using color and brushstrokes to convey a visual message describing her mood and the love of all things.

Visit http://www.artstorm.com/veronica-thomas/ to see Veronica's artist profile on Art Storm or visit her website at http://veronicathomasart.wix.com/art-1

Below is a screenshot of Veronica's artist profile. Click on it to visit her profile...

Veronica Thomas Artist Profile

Veronica Thomas Artist Profile

Welcome to the Art Storm, Yelena Joy!

Another fantastic, new artist to welcome to the storm of art, Yelena Joy is painter, author and art coach. These words seem to best sum up Yelena's view of what art means to her:

"What I like about art is creation and transformation. I can see how a blank piece of paper transforms into a new painting or pieces of material create a unique quilt. Creating art is such a close metaphor for creating life. We create ourselves every day and transform our lives as we choose to."

We've included a screenshot of Yelena Joy's artist profile below, but to see more of Yelena's art visit her artist profile page, her website or her Facebook page.

Yelena Joy Artist Profile

Yelena Joy Artist Profile

Welcome to the Art Storm, Artist Linda Katzen.

Art Storm would like to welcome Linda Katzen, a mixed-media artist, to the Art Storm. Please take a look at Linda's directory list and artist profile...

You can also visit her website at http://www.lindakatzen.com/

Linda Katzen Art

Linda Katzen Art

Dana Feagin – Inspired Pet Portraits and Animal Paintings

We'd like to welcome Dana Feagin to the Art Storm directory. Dana is an artist who creates, "Inspired Pet Portraits and Animal Paintings".

Dana Feagin: Inspired, whimsical pet portraits and animal paintings

Inspired, whimsical pet portraits and animal paintings by artist, Dana Feagin.

Larian Galleries, Welcome to the Art Storm Directory!

Larian Galleries - Digital Mixed Media

Larian Galleries - Digital Mixed Media

http://Lariangalleries.com - Original, Limited Editions, Open Edition Giclee Prints. Landscapes,Abstracts, and Visionary Works.

Larian established his first gallery in Laguna Beach, California, selling three paintings to a curious passerby who happened along before the paint on the walls had dried. Later, a visitor from France recommended Larian’s work for consideration to the International Academy of De Lutec in Paris, France. Subsequently awarded the Academy’s Silver Medal, Larian is one of the few Americans to have received this honor. He is exhibited worldwide in galleries in New York, the Midwest, California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico; represented in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia


Art Quotes: “The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” – Leonardo da Vinci


"The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands." - Leonardo da Vinci


Artist Directory Update – Katy Cauker

Artist Katy Cauker has been added to our artist directory. Welcome, Katy. Katy is a painter and posts her works on her blog, along with commentary on the art of other painters.

Salvador Dali Art Video

This YouTube video shows a wide range of Salvador Dali's art. Love him, hate him, you cannot ignore his art. If you are unfamiliar with Salvador Dali's paintings, this is a good way to get introduced. In 9 minutes you won't become an expert but you will come to see how interesting his paintings and art were.

Most of Salvador Dali's art, or at least his most well known work, is considered to be in the surrealist style. Dali lived from 1904 to 1989 and was born in the Catalonia region of Spain.


Art Showing by Anna Elkins: Wordbody: Drawings in Paint

A new event has been added to the Art Storm Events Calendar:


Wordbody: Drawings in Paint by Anna Elkins. The showing is from November 5, 2013 to November 29, 2013 and the reception is on November 9, from 5 to 8pm.

View the listing for specific info.


Steven LaRose – Talented Artist From Talent, Oregon

Should a blog promote another blog? Yes, when that other blog makes your day when you come across it. That other blog would be Steven Larose's, Fish and Cut Bait, which features not only Steven's excellent art but lots of good links and insightful commentary about painting and the creative process.

Come on, go check it out.

- Fred

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