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Creative Ways to Bring in Customers with Interactive Experiences

We came across this marketing tips article recently and not only found it fascinating but also thought it to be especially pertinent to art and artists.

"Experiential marketing is a method of advertising through an interactive experience that gets customers to talk about your business or product. It can be an extremely powerful tool for those companies that want to leave a strong and lasting impression on customers."

Here's a video example, if perhaps a bit over the top...

But now imagine the ways that one could apply Experiential Marketing to art! Art, after all, is all about expressing oneself to the rest of humanity. What artist could resist the opportunity to leave an artistic message for those that come after...what person could resist creating something with that lump of clay?

Art, after all, is visceral. Art IS Experiential Marketing.

...but the name is a bit off...how about "Hands On Marketing?"


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