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Art Storm: Not Bad for a Startup!

In just 12 days Art Storm's Facebook page has received over 200 likes and reached over 7,700 people, some 750 per day at this point. Art Storm, LLC was formed in September of this year, less than 2 months ago! We are having similar success with our website, http://www.artstorm.com and local outreach programs. We plan on becoming the Premier Artist Promotion Company in Southern Oregon. We look forward to meeting every artist in Southern Oregon and working with you to promote you and your art. Call Paula Kersch at (541)326-6422 to find out what Art Storm can do for you.

- Fred

It Starts, at Art Storm.com!

I am humbled to be working with my new partner, Paula Kersch. What a mind this young lady has! Yesterday she showed me again why I can comfortably sit back and simply enable her to boldly go where no person has gone before. Yesterday we worked through the entire structure of ArtStorm.com and today we begin to make it happen.

Yes, the Art Storm site is live and over the next few days and weeks it will rapidly become the centerpiece of an immense force for artist promotion and community good in Southern Oregon. The Art Storm cometh!


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