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Today’s Featured Artist: Painter, Dana Feagin


Today we feature artist, Dana Feagin, who creates marvelous paintings of animals.

The featured art piece is "Sweetcheeks",  an oil painting of a rabbit (or is it a hare?) that perfectly captures Dana's style and love of animals.  Dana donates 10% of her proceeds to local animal shelters and rescue groups where she also volunteers her time.

Click the image below or go directly to http://www.artstorm.com/danafeagin/ to see more of Dana Feagin's work.


Painting of "Sweetcheeks" the rabbit, by artist, Dana Feagin.

Dana Feagin – Inspired Pet Portraits and Animal Paintings

We'd like to welcome Dana Feagin to the Art Storm directory. Dana is an artist who creates, "Inspired Pet Portraits and Animal Paintings".

Dana Feagin: Inspired, whimsical pet portraits and animal paintings

Inspired, whimsical pet portraits and animal paintings by artist, Dana Feagin.

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