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Featured Artist: Painter, Veronica Thomas

Our featured art is by painter, Veronica Thomas, showing a beautiful and colorful sunset at the coast. To purchase or to see more fine art by Veronica Thomas, visit her website at http://veronicathomasart.wix.com/art-1

Veronica Thomas Fine Art Painting.

Veronica Thomas Fine Art Painting.

Veronica Thomas is at ArtExpo NY 2014

Veronica Thomas is at ArtExpo NY 2014. Congratulations, Veronica, and good luck!
Visit Veronica's website at http://veronicathomasart.wix.com/art-1


New Art Storm Artist: Veronica Thomas

We would like to welcome Veronica Thomas to the Art Storm. Veronica is a fine art painter who enjoys exploring numerous varieties of subject matter, doing figurative work, still lives, as well as the challenging “plein-air” painting.

Her art is best described as “passionate realism”, using color and brushstrokes to convey a visual message describing her mood and the love of all things.

Visit http://www.artstorm.com/veronica-thomas/ to see Veronica's artist profile on Art Storm or visit her website at http://veronicathomasart.wix.com/art-1

Below is a screenshot of Veronica's artist profile. Click on it to visit her profile...

Veronica Thomas Artist Profile

Veronica Thomas Artist Profile

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