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Tina Angermeier is Going to ArtExpo NY!

Tina Angermeier is Going to ArtExpo

Tina Angermeier is Going to ArtExpo

Welcome to the Art Storm, Yelena Joy!

Another fantastic, new artist to welcome to the storm of art, Yelena Joy is painter, author and art coach. These words seem to best sum up Yelena's view of what art means to her:

"What I like about art is creation and transformation. I can see how a blank piece of paper transforms into a new painting or pieces of material create a unique quilt. Creating art is such a close metaphor for creating life. We create ourselves every day and transform our lives as we choose to."

We've included a screenshot of Yelena Joy's artist profile below, but to see more of Yelena's art visit her artist profile page, her website or her Facebook page.

Yelena Joy Artist Profile

Yelena Joy Artist Profile

Kathy Hoevet, Photographer, Welcome to Art Storm!

It's my opinion that Art Storm needs more fine art photographers and Kathy Hoevet is a huge addition to our art galleries. Hello, Kathy, and welcome to the Art Storm.

In her own words, Kathy describes her art:

"My Photography deals with landscapes, abstracts, architecture, whatever catches my eye is what I love to photograph. Sometimes I enjoy getting creative with an image and use different artistic filter effects to create unique artistic pieces."

You can visit Kathy's artist profile page at http://www.artstorm.com/kathy-hoevet/ or skip on over to her own website at http://kathleenhoevetphotography.com/

Here is a screenshot of Kathy's artist profile and a sampling of her images...

Artist Profile For Kathy Hoevet

Artist Profile For Kathy Hoevet

Welcome to the Art Storm, Pam Haunschild

Join me in welcoming artist, Pam Haunschild to the Art Storm.  Pam's Art Storm Art Profile may be viewed at http://www.artstorm.com/pam-haunschild/

Pam's website is at http://pamhaunschild.com/ and her art, a sample of which can be viewed below, is best described in her own words...

"I love mixing original monoprints with other elements – metallic and fine Japanese papers, fibers, wood, and other natural materials.  I am inspired by the natural beauty of southern Oregon.

I include flora and/or fauna elements in all of my pieces. Birds particularly interest me.  I try to convey emotion through organic shapes and bright colors, but always with a strong element of design. "


Pam Haunschild Artist Profile

Pam Haunschild Artist Profile


Featured Artist: Larian Galleries

Mystical visions from Larian Galleries...

Visit Larian galleries at http://lariangalleries.com/

Larian Galleries - Woods

Larian Galleries - Woods

Larian Galleries - Digital Mixed Media Art

Larian Galleries - Digital Mixed Media Art

Calling all Artists! We have 4 Gallery Spots Open!

Attention All Artists!

Art Storm has a premium spot in downtown Medford. This is an opportunity to be seen on a daily basis in a  high traffic area and your art will also be seen during the Medford Art Walk!

For more information sign up for our Sales Force Assistance membership level and find out how your art can get maximum exposure. Paula Kersch, our Head of Marketing, will work with you and help you get prepared for this opportunity...it's one of many and it is what we do for our local artists!

To sign up, go to http://www.artstorm.com/membership-options/ and sign up for the Sales Force Assistance package. It is currently FREE FOR 90 DAYS with a monthly rate of $30 after that.

Once you've signed up send the following information to artstormllc@gmail.com:


  • Type of art you offer
  • Photos of your work
  • Prices
  • Your location
  • Your contact info - phone and email

...and any other information that you feel would help us evaluate you and your art.

For further information call Paula Kersch, Art Storm's Marketing Director, at (541)326-6422.

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