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Community Outreach

What is at the center of art? How does art speak to you?

Art Storm is currently working on providing more services for the community, with enough support we can start a movement!

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

For the general public wishing to enhance their working and living environment:
Providing a richer visual environment in your home is the key to personalizing space and stimulating a deeper appreciation for the intangible beauty in our world. More and more as we step outside of our homes, we are bombarded with harsh visual imagery. At Art Storm, we strive to create a living environment to combat the constant influx of negative visual stimulation. We believe that each image we come into contact with can have a profound impact on the way we see the world and ourselves. Outside our homes, we can only control our reaction to this visual stimulation, but inside our homes, it's a different story!

Studies show that the colors and images we see in our own homes can combat everything from depression to anxiety. We have a number of talented artists at Art Storm who understand this need to create rich environments in our homes. Whether you desire a creative mural on your child's wall to stimulate their imagination and personalize their space or you crave a bit of beauty in the form of sculpture or paintings to create serenity in you living room, we have the perfect artist for you! We strive to build relationships between you and your artist which begins and ends with understanding your needs and accomplishing the goal of an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece right in your own home!

Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Let us find the artist to clean the dust from your life and show you the beautiful and delightful benefits of personalized art in your environment.


Are you one of these people?

potential groups: General public, educators, caregivers for the elderly, caregivers for children and adults with special needs/TBI, Veterans, business owners, etc.


Art heals. Art gives others a voice. Art provides the tools our community needs for healthy and vibrant growth.


We need your support


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