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An emerging realist oil painter, Lori Garfield began her art journey in Seattle. By nature, compassionate and empathetic, it was then an easy road to animal art.

For a number of years Lori developed style and focus through workshops, independent study and three years at Art Academy. Now residing in rural Southern Oregon, her work is guided by a commitment to protect and communicate the living breathing soul within all species of animal.

More important than marketing strictly to sales Lori Garfield reminds us to step out of the fast lane and consider our impact on the planet and those who have no voice.

"As I continue to explore and evolve as an artist capturing the harmony and truth in nature, my mission asks the viewer to be not a taker, but a caretaker.

A portion of Lori's animal art sales goes to a variety of 501(c)(3) non profit animal organizations. Among them: The Morris Animal Foundation investing in the science of advancing veterinary care for companion animals, horses and wildlife; Humanity for Horses, providing a permanent home for rescued animals and Wolf Park dedicated to behavioral research, education and conservation.

"Please come with me and my art and be reminded of the wisdom of Chief Seattle* in 1854: 'Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize that we cannot eat money'."