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Originally from Colorado, where light and color travel the entire spectrum, Elaine grew up a simple tomboy. Maturing with avid nature exposure and expansive travel, she eventually found herself, back to the simple dream . . . of becoming an artist.

After moving to California, Ms. Frenett committed to a five-year program at San Jose State University, where she received her BS in Graphic Design, focus in Illustration in 1991. As a freelance artist, her work has been published from New York to Los Angeles. In-between illustration work, Elaine began cultivating the diversity of commissioned pieces and the luxury of personal expression.

When her focus moved to the fine art world, Elaine remained true to her innate connection with watercolor. The density of thick values, in addition to, the layering of transparencies and textures, allows Ms. Frenett to express that full spectrum in which she grew up. Her images, both plein air and studio created, are worked in a representational yet, stylized technique on rag paper.

A more intimate medium of expression has become her current passion: visual art journaling. Every turn to a fresh page falls subject to the immediacy of each days newest occurrence. Add to that the possibility of creating dimension, cutting windows, adding 3-d objects, and stitching - - all in addition to painting! Could it get any more juicy? This limitless potential in journaling and sharing the richness of all her mediums has sparked the teacher in Elaine. And now, following another dream, she develops and leads women's journaling retreats annually. As well, as teaching private and workshop classes, she savors the growth in creating.

Elaine's fine art pieces and visual journals have been honored by jurors of shows and are in collections business, private, international and museum. She now lives with her husband, Roland, and Golden Retriever, Cody, in the beauty of the Oregon Rogue Valley.