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Originally inspired by the photographs taken by his parents with slide film in the 1960's, David began teaching himself photography with the family's Kodak Rettinette camera during his first few years in the Rogue Valley, capturing landscapes and human-interest images.

Then in 1990, working as a professional gardener, he began photographically recording the flowers blooming in his garden, as well as the gardens of his clients. Surprised at what he saw through his close-up macro lens, he started on a journey of capturing thousands of such flower images, discovering them to be abstract, yet simple and rich.

The digital realm began for David in 2002, and since then he has continued to experiment and to expand his photographic horizons. Traveling to Bali, Indonesia, and to the islands of Greece, he has created a wealth of new images to add to his collection.

Whether working in black and white, full color, or an array of textures, David continues to expand his work, and to provide enjoyment, or at least a moment of inquisitive thought, for those watching him on his path.

All sizes of framed and unframed prints available and also offering photo card gift sets and monthly specials.