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My Artwork is spirit-based and intuitive. A lifetime of spiritual experiences, have led me to acknowledge that time has no beginning or ending, that the I am that and that I am encompasses all of life, and the universe is indeed, the great unknowable Tao. Those experiences are from where my inspiration comes, events which I have witnessed and known for the truth of it. I feel it is important to remind others and myself, who we really are; spiritual beings who are all connected on the subtle levels of our spiritual being. We are made from stardust and this is the basic concept behind my artwork. I believe that human lineage sprang from the stars and came to life on our home planet, Earth.

The mediums that I primarily use are acrylics, digital software, paper collage and handcrafted objects. I use bright colors, symbols and shapes, and a back-ground environment which surrounds the human figure to suggest spiritual connection. Colors and symbols illustrate the emotional ambiance and elements of cosmic process. My belief that the universe is the corporeal body of God impels me to artistically symbolize this totality by incorporating elements of our solar system and the Milky Way. My artwork is an attempt to examine the concepts of soul and cosmic consciousness.

Those artists and art movements whom have influenced and inspired me are Georgia O'Keefe, Alphonse Mucha, Vincent Van Gogh, Seurat, Monet, Alex Gray, Impressionism, Symbolism, Pointillism, Native American crafts, and Ukiyo-e prints. I work intuitively, and often use dream imagery and or visions to shape each piece as it evolves. My work is deeply personal and acts as a cathartic haven to heal my heart as I meditate upon the imperfections of human existence.

Art is my religion, the altar upon which I pray daily.

I graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2002 with a B. A. in art and a minor in art history. My artwork has been shown in So. California and So. Oregon.