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SOLD! “Garden by Window” Watercolor by Joan Franklin

"Window by Garden" Watercolor by Joan Franklin

"Window by Garden" Watercolor by Joan Franklin


The JEGA GALLERY & SCULPTURE GARDEN, in Ashland, Oregon's historic
railroad district on the corner of 5th and A Street celebrates Women's
History Month in March with its' 20th annual juried exhibit:


Artists are encouraged to submit original paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and poetry/performance art for jury selection to be considered for the two openings; First Friday, March 7, 2014 and the First Friday, April 4, 2014.  Entry deadlines are Monday, February
24th for the March show and March 24, 2014 for the April show.

J. Ellen Austin, artist and owner of the JEGA Gallery believes,"' Women
With Attitude,' and the men who believe in us, exhibit courage in
their daily lives and strive to give back to others, their communities
and society at large."   J. Ellen goes on to say, I'm talking about
women and men who do something with their lives and keep on doing,
keep on learning, growing and contributing."

"Attitude" symbolizes an outlook and respect for other peoples'
philosophies, lifestyles and cultural diversities while retaining a
youthful willingness to learn and grow from new knowledge and

JEGA looks forward to each year's entries because "one of the wonders
of "Women with Attitude" is creativity, in all senses, all forms."
Each year an incredible array of entries have come in from talented

Women AND Men in our Rogue Valley and beyond! These works comprising
photographs, sculptures, drawings, paintings and performance art
provoke a whole spectrum of thoughts and bring forth a whole range of

For more information and applications please contact the JEGA
directly (541)488-2474. Email jega4art@gmail.com

Live Demonstration with Wendy Gell – Feb 7th @ 3pm


Live Demonstration by Wendy Gell

Live Demonstration by Wendy Gell

Art Quotes: “There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” – Vincent van Gogh


"There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people." - Vincent van Gogh


Art Storm is Growing…and Growing…


Art Storm's week on Facebook: 54 New Likes - 150 People Engaged - 5,890 Total Reach. This means that 150 people interacted with our posts while 5,890 people had one of our posts in front of them.

http://ArtStorm.com is now ahead of http://soartists.com as the top local art website in Southern Oregon, according to Alexa.

Our inventory system gets tested this Friday and once that is online we will really be able to market you and your art. We will have a system comparable to Fine Art America or Etsy.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come....

Art Storm Logo - We Market Artists, Not Just Art.

Art Storm Logo - We Market Artists, Not Just Art.

Art Quotes: “When words become unclear…” – Ansel Adams


"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence." - Ansel Adams


Dana Feagin’s Art is Going to ArtExpo New York!

"Flower Girl" boxer dog pet portrait painting by Dana Feagin.

"Flower Girl" boxer dog pet portrait painting by Dana Feagin.

Congratulations to Dana Feagin, who is sending her art with Art Storm to be seen by a whole lot of art buyers. Dana has some unique, eye-catching animal portraits that are sure to get some attention in the Big Art Apple come April. See more of Dana Feagin's Pet Portraits and Animal Paintings at her website or her Art Storm artist profile page.



Art Quotes: “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” – Leonardo da Vinci


"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." - Leonardo da Vinci


ArtSpresso Tuesday is Tomorrow!

Make your plans today...for ArtSpresso tomorrow! Come join the fun with snacks, coffee and some fresh art on our walls. 471 Bear Creek Drive, Suite 4, in Phoenix, Oregon. 11am to 2pm.

Coffee, donuts and sandwiches

Coffee, donuts and sandwiches

Art in Art Storm, LLC Office/Gallery

Art in Art Storm, LLC Office/Gallery

Paula with artist at ArtSpresso.

Paula with artist at ArtSpresso.

Art Quotes: “Art is what you can get away with.” – Andy Warhol


"Art is what you can get away with." - Andy Warhol


Art Storm, LLC Supports the Siskiyou Violins

The Siskiyou Violins are a collection of the most talented young violinists from Southern Oregon and Northern California. Last night I went to their concert at the Craterian Theater in Medford, Oregon and was amazed at the skill and composure of these talented young musicians.

I am not the only one who has high praise for these gifted musicians, Festival Artistic Director, Dr. Lawrence Sutherland, Music Professor Emeritus at a California State University campus wrote this about the Siskiyou Violins after they performed at Carnegie Hall: "Carnegie Hall has not heard much like this. The nuance, musicianship, and feeling in the ensemble is really, really amazing! This is exactly the kind of music making that is not done by people of your age....You have a great leader."

"It's absolute MAGIC! The attention to detail - the nuance, the bow control, pitch, dynamics. It all comes together to provide a thrilling, musical experience. All the musicians are totally involved in the music making - and with tremendous JOY. My admiration knows no bounds for this group and their director."

(Adjuticator 2, Dr. Lawrence Sutherland Music Professor Emeritus at a California State University campus, Score 99)

The group became an independent 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit organization in 2009 and depends on our support to bring great music to the world and to make it possible for talented young local violinists to follow their dreams. Despite just starting up 4 months ago and not yet being profitable, Art Storm, LLC has donated $100 to the Siskiyou Violins to support the arts in our community. Next year our goal will be at least $1,000 and we hope to provide support for many other local art projects, including support for the arts in our public schools.

Here is a link to the Siskiyou Violins homepage as well as some videos that show off their amazing talents...

Art Quotes: “A good poem…” – Dylan Thomas


"A good poem is a contribution to reality. The world is never the same once a good poem has been added to it. A good poem helps to change the shape of the universe, helps to extend everyone's knowledge of himself and the world around him." - Dylan Thomas


Art Definitions: Are Ceramics and Pottery the Same?

potter throwing a pot

I am currently working on our inventory project and in doing so I have to create a system that defines each inventory item so that users and buyers will easily be able to find what they are looking for.  To that end a question came up: are ceramics and pottery the same thing?

Here are a few pages I came across on the subject: 




Like most definitions we arrive at its meaning by consensus, and in this case the consensus suggests that for the most part they are the same but there are differences. "Pottery" evokes images of a potter at a wheel throwing a pot. "Ceramics" suggests a wider definition, including commercial ceramics and decorative fine art.

Another common consensus seems to indicate that "pottery" refers to utilitarian items like pots, bowls, plates, etc., while "ceramics" is more likely to be used for decorative items.

If I've failed to convince you, here is a quote from the last of the 3 links above:  "... to put it briefly, pottery is simpler and older. It was born out to need for storage and usability. Ceramics, on the other hand, leans more towards art and decoration. It is currently heralded as an art form, supported by famous ceramicists such as Bennett Bean and Hideaki Miyamura."

If that's still not good enough for you please leave a comment below.

Fred Voetsch - Art Stormer


Art Quotes: “The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.” – Pablo Picasso


"The chief enemy of creativity is good sense." - Pablo Picasso


Art Definitions: Media or Medium?


In the arts, a "medium" is a material used by an artist to create a piece of art.

Media is the plural form of medium.

In painting and certain other forms of art "media" refers to both the type of paint as well as the "canvas", or support to which it is applied.


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