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Art Career Consulting & Artist Promotion


Why ArtStorm?

Becoming a member doesn’t JUST mean that you have an opportunity to ask a team of consultants about your next best art-business move. ArtStorm give you access to an Inventory database to upload images, fill in metadata and easily share information on all social media platforms with all hash tags and data you need to redirect your audience back to you!
ArtStorms inventory database can be printed in list form for in person proposals at galleries or events but also sent virtually, with the professionalism you need and the information your clients and buyers are looking for.

Artists want more time to focus on art and less time on the business aspects, this is where ArtStorm bridges the gap!
Your artist dashboard will help organize and track your art!
• Inventory management
• Sizes, mediums and descriptions listed for every image
• Online access to your inventory for anytime, anywhere situations

Don’t let a lack of organization or knowledge stop you from taking your art to the next level. Join today and get the tools and insight from REAL people who REALLY care.


Let ArtStorm Promote You...and Your Art.

ArtStorm will provide a link to your website, Facebook page, or other social media, promote pieces of your art, art events or art projects on our website, ArtStorm.com, and BLAST your art across our rapidly growing social network each month for the next year.

We Are Getting Involved Locally! Come Join Us!

The Arts Alliance of Southern Oregon is an organization of artists, arts organizations, arts advocates, and the public, dedicated to building a strong, creative and sustainable Southern Oregon arts community. By developing a strong, supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having art as a common interest. ArtStorm loves the idea of supporting activities that raise awareness of the importance of the arts while creating opportunities for all to participate in and experience. That is why ArtStorm is teaming up with Arts Alliance of Southern Oregon, to make an even bigger impact in the local art scene!

Looking for Art?

Take a look at our art gallery to find what you need, or e-mail ArtStormLLC@gmail.com for help finding the art you need, from small curios to paintings, photographs, sculptures or large landmark art for your garden or storefront, we'll put the word out.

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